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Contest Passage 5

Another slightly different contest.  This passage is easy to identify with google.  It comes from David Foster Wallace.  But can anybody give examples from within Wallace’s work in which he’s attempting to do what he says good art should? In … Continue reading

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Contest Passage 4

This contest is slightly different.  I don’t think it will be hard to identify the passage, at least not for some of you.  I haven’t even bothered to change it much for the sake of google.  But I’d really like … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s Dark Lady

One of the bits that got cut from the final version of the book is a discussion of the Dark Lady Sonnets in Shakespeare.  The idea was to give an example of how addiction can push you forward in your … Continue reading

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Tweet, Tweet

Heidegger claims that the technological understanding of being ultimately leads us to understand everything as resources.  This is BAD.  Human beings are not resources, according to Heidegger, but sites of openness to, and at the same time manifestations of, ways … Continue reading

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