OLP and Literary Studies

I just found out about a group blog devoted to work at the intersection of Ordinary Language Philosophy and Literary Studies. I’ve put a link to it on the Blogroll, but you can also get there from here.

Byron Davies, a graduate student of ours who has been working closely with Stanley Cavell over the last year, is a central contributor.  Check it out!

P.S. – Yes, we just met in the second floor corridor of Emerson Hall and agreed to cross-link our sites.  (The top post on the OLP site is right now a link to this site!)  Fortunately, I have every confidence that our readers will be able to resist the descent into infinite regress…

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2 Responses to OLP and Literary Studies

  1. Byron Davies says:

    Thanks so much, Sean. But I can’t help but feel a little embarrassed at being singled out. The site’s creator and main operator is Bernie Rhie (English, Williams College). If anyone deserves mention on your site, it’s him. And the blog’s other editors are Yi-Ping Ong (Humanities, Johns Hopkins), Magdalena Ostas (English, Boston University), and Corina Stan (Literature, Duke). I’m the newest member of this group, having only joined them in July.

  2. Sean D. Kelly says:

    Thanks for adding that important information, Byron. I certainly didn’t mean to leave out your co-contributors!

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