Behind the blog scenes

In addition to talking with Bert over the last few weeks, I’ve had the good fortune to discuss aspects of the book with a bunch of very talented people. Our discussions have been so fruitful that, with their permission, I hope to be introducing some of them to the conversation here.  These folks include, in alphabetical order, Jordan Ellenberg (arithmetic algebraic geometer by day, hip novelist and “big-time DFW fanboy” by night), Charles Spinosa (former English lit professor and Heidegger scholar who currently makes a much better living than the rest of us as a consultant), and Dmitri Tymoczko (composer, music theorist, and all-round polymath to boot).  I’m grateful to all of them for our discussions, and hope to be able to quote from these discussions over the coming weeks.  With any luck they’ll stop by themselves as well!

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