Back in town

I’m back in town from my technology free week, and delighted to see all the new visitors by way of Brian Leiter’s blog.  Thanks to Brian for the shout-out, and thanks to all of you for stopping by.

Bert and I have finished the corrections to the page proofs for the book as of today, and classes at Harvard start on Wednesday.  Classes at Berkeley have begun already, and you can find a copy of Bert’s podcast for Philosophy 6 here.  My graduate seminar on the material from the book will begin on Thursday, and I’m hopeful that we’ll have some interesting discussions on the blog from that group as well.  In the meantime, I’ll look forward to reading all the comments on the blog that appeared during my week away.  Thanks to Julie for taking care of administrative things in my absence…


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3 Responses to Back in town

  1. Matthew Perry says:

    I got here via, which is a blog that has helped me find many of the philosophy podcasts I enjoy.

  2. Dean Rose says:

    Profess Dreyfus in his opening lecture was hoping you would provide a link to what he billed as a similar lecture course you are offering this semester. It would be great to listen to both interpretations!

    • Thanks for mentioning that, Dean. The graduate seminar I’m running is devoted to turning the into a Gen Ed course. So although it will to some extent mirror Bert’s Phil 6, the conversations will be somewhat different. Still, if there’s interest then I’ll try to find a way to post a recording of the sessions.

      Are others interested too?

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