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Philosophical Retreat

Bert and I are holed up in Arlington grappling with the final edits to the manuscript, so blog posting will be light this week.  See some interesting comments from Jermaine and Standing Eagle on the Kobe Bryant post, though. In … Continue reading

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Only one thing matters now

I watched the re-run of game 1 of the NBA finals yesterday.   There were no other sporting events on television and anything that requires you actually to hear what is being said was out of the question:  our ancient … Continue reading

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Here’s an interesting character from a late story by Flannery O’Connor.  The story is called “Why Do the Heathen Rage?” and it was published in Esquire in 1963, a year before O’Connor’s early death. Walter is the 28-year-old son of … Continue reading

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Flannery O’Connor

An interesting post on Flannery O’Connor at University Diaries.  Margaret Soltan, the author of UD, has a grudging respect for O’Connor’s skill as a writer, combined with a deep antipathy to her sense of the connection between grace and violence: … Continue reading

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Is Secular Reason Sufficient Ground…

…on which to base societies and social movements?  Jürgen Habermas nowadays thinks not (see here and here, among other places).  This is striking since for many years Habermas was one of the most visible and influential defenders of Enlightenment Rationality.  … Continue reading

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When things began to shine

The Homeric Greeks lived intense and meaningful lives.  Heroes, emotions, moods, and gods were constantly welling up and drawing them in.  Their world was a world of shining things. Nietzsche describes this happy state well: [T]o enjoy a strong, bold, … Continue reading

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